How I define myself… Fashion designer, artist, writer … perfectionist? Nah, I’ll image1 (6)leave that one to someone else. I guess the best way to sum me up, I’m a modern girl with traditional values.
Beauty is… confidence, not the kind that you think you’re better than anyone else. The kind that you don’t care what other people think, living by your rules and being the best possible you.
I confess… I’m a terrible cook. It’s embarrassing to say since I come from a b
ig Italian family and food is very import in our culture. A friend of mine once told me while growing up; her mom uses to cook her dinner that you could taste the hate in it… good analogy…yup that’s me. Oh well, can’t be good at everything.
If I had one wish…it would be a personal chef. No, Seriously I’m that bad.
I love… my family but something more superficial…Interior Design; Everything vintage especially mid-century, writers; Edith Wharton, Henry James, Thomas Hardy.
My passion… People from all walk of life. I’ve always been curious by the people who I meet and their stories. It inspires me to create, whether it’s in clothing that I design or in the stories that I write. You could learn a lot about other traditions and beliefs. It could enrich your life in the most unexpected way.
Always wanted to be…  an actress or a rock star. Luckily for my significant other, I’m not very good at any of the two so it’s not something I will be pursuing anytime soon – then again…
I want to be remembered for…I hope I could inspire others the way others inspire me.
The key to life is… It’s okay to laugh at yourself…don’t take yourself or anyone so seriously. Be your own person! Don’t squander your life trying to be something you’re not. I’ve spent my early twenties finding ways to fit in. Always doing things to please others so I could be accepted…take it or leave it this is who I am, It’s okay to be the odd girl out. Another is, to live life to the fullest.Making things as fun as you can but without having to hurt anyone else along the way.

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