Copy of Copy of Copy of MARIA LA SERRA


Lyrical Lights FOR WEB



COMING 04.19.18

He was the oxidizer to my metal but sparkles only give a brief burst of light; then you’re only left in the abyss.
He went right, and I went left.

 When Mable Harper gets a chance to become a fashion model, she leaves her old life behind and moves to  New York. However, she quickly feels the backlash of the high-pressure and competitive career and decides maybe she wasn’t cut out for this business. After being dropped by her agent and relentlessly unlucky in love, she spends the lasts few days tying up loose ends before returning home, and that’s all she intends to do. But then her life collides with Simon Rowe. The moment she meets him, she knows it can only be bittersweet.

Simon Rowe is a fashion photographer who marches to the beat of his own drum. Never had any wish for success, only wants to keep doing what he loves without getting tangled in the hype. Simon has suffered enough loss in the past that there’s no room for anything other than his career. That is until the fateful, hot summer night he meets a golden Aphrodite. He quickly comes to her rescue and realizes she will be impossible to resist, but when he gives Mable a chance and lands her on the fashion shoot of a high-profile, glossy magazine, he sets the wheels in motion. Now he’s at risk of losing her for good if he doesn’t come clean about his past, but that would mean confronting his deep regret. He knows he broke his number one rule, and that’s never get involved with the people you work with.

In a world that’s a stage, can their love thrive under the lights?