Do you believe in faith?

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Someone asked me the other day if I believe in fate. Of course, I do. But I believe you have to be willing to receive it with an open heart and mind and at the same time not take everything so literally. The universe does reveal some insight into our lives, but you have to be ready to listen to it. For me, It led me down a path which I self-published a book. I’ve been writing for the longest time but never had any desire to become an author, only because I thought it would be too complicated and who needs the heartache of endless rejections anyways. It wasn’t until two years ago that I decided I needed to be more active, I felt this overwhelming energy I needed to burn or maybe it was some need for change. So I started running outdoors, which anyone who knows me, knows I never been an active person; like never. I rather eat chocolate chip cookies then do any form of exercise. Honestly, I surprised myself because now I love to run but only eat chocolate chip cookies afterward. I swear honest truth! How do think I maintain my hips?

One morning on one of my runs, I stopped at a park bench and there I found scribbled in black marker was the question, what are you afraid of? Of course, it didn’t pertain to me in any way, but it got me thinking.It set some wheels in motion.

I thought about the last time I did anything challenging. When was the last time I did something that scared me? Then I figured it was time; I needed to write my book and get it out into the world. I honestly felt it was a sign from the universe saying to me this is your time; you’ve got this. So go out and do it … but it was me to get me there.

It wasn’t until I read the book, After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid, that things started happening. I loved this book so much that I wanted to write the kind of book that would inspire, as much as other authors had inspired me. But first I needed to learn the rules, so I got online and read everything I could about writing, anything that would better my craft, and I began to write every day. It wasn’t until I took a webinar, the one that you can get a critique of your first chapter by an agent. So when I got my critique back, she asked me for fifty more pages, and then it didn’t pan out. But still, it was something, and it didn’t hurt so bad to be rejected it just push me harder. You wouldn’t believe who the agent of the critique represented; Taylor Jenkins Reed. Is it a sign of some sort? Maybe, maybe not. But this is how I look at it; if I didn’t see the message, if I didn’t read Tailor’s book, I wouldn’t have gotten online and signed up for the webinar. If I didn’t get rejected, then I wouldn’t force myself to push harder, if I didn’t complete The proverbial Mr.Universe I wouldn’t be here writing this for you.

The universe leads one thing into another; it’s only the beginning of my journey, I still have a lot to learn, but I remain open minded and open hearted.

So yes, I do trust you Mr. Universe.







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