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When I was young, maybe five or six, I would spend hours sketching and making clothing for my dolls and it was something I enjoyed.  One day my mother turned to me and said you should become a designer and from that day on that’s all I wanted to be. I knew in my bones this was what I was born to do. There were countless nights I would dream I would walk down the runway like all the designers do at the end of the show. Or practice signing my autograph because some day I was going to be a famous fashion designer.
Here I am writing to you, alone and smiling to myself. No, I’m not crazy … or I hope I’m not.
I’m smiling even though, knowing now that it didn’t turn out they way I imagined, and truthfully I’m  okay with that.
I admire the determination that my younger self-had. The relentless fire in me to pursue something I love even thought I had many people and a few teachers telling me it was a waste of time because here in Montreal there’s no niche for it.
But I did it none the less. I graduated from design school and even landed a job working for a big denim designer in Montreal which I had admired so much … it turned out he’s a terrible human being, which it taught me another lesson.  Maybe you should never meet your idol, they’re human of course you’re going to be disappointed in some way. But that’s a whole another story.
Even though the world will never know Maria La Serra the fashion designer … I’m okay with that because I did everything I set out to do. Lead a creative career; I met so many amazing people that I was lucky enough to forge a long lasting friendship with and in life it not the destination but the ride that matters. I told my new friend when she wanted to know more about me and my career in fashion … with every industry it has its ugly side, its challenges, but your passion has to overcome all that this.
And if you’re reading this Andrea, please follow your dreams, listen to what your heart is telling you, It’s your heart that knows you better than anyone else.
Nothing is impossible, except choosing to do nothing.
Happy Monday!



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