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When people discover that I’m about to self-publish my first book, they’re surprised. Maybe it’s something that they never expected from me since my background is illustrating and design. I’ve been keeping it a secret because generally I don’t like to toot my own horn (I wasn’t sure if I was capable of seeing this through). In the last two years, I’ve been writing and attending as many webinars about writing, doing everything possible to improve my craft. Writing before was only personal, so it never mattered if it was good or not. I can’t explain to you why after all these years I find myself on this path; it’s not something I envision myself doing. But one day something inside of me just shifted, like this unexplained feeling. Something pushing me down this path, all of a sudden I felt this need to write, a lot. If you ever listen to Elizabeth Gilbert podcasts “Do what ignites your soul,”  pretty much sums up what I was experiencing. Oh, let’s not talk about the fear! Writing a book for the whole world to see is daunting … terrifying. There will be several shenanigans, which are going to throw stupid comments at your way. Like just the other day someone said to me. “So you think Hollywood is going to turn your book into a movie?”


That’s not the reason I’m doing it. Yes, I know I have a better chance of winning a free ticket in a Lotto 649 (side note: I never play the lotto!) The bottom line is, why am I doing this? Because it ignites my soul and It doesn’t matter if only one person likes it or a million and that’s the truth; well mine anyways. Look, in some ways writing a book is like raising a child. You give it everything it needs to grow, give it love and patience. Do everything possible to cultivate and make it as good as possible. When the time comes, you need to let it go. And as you stand at your front door waving your hand in the air, watching what you’ve created go out into the world. You think to yourself that it might not be perfect, but you’ve given it your best. You have given the world your heart, and that’s the best of you. What more can you ask for?

XO Maria






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